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Report St. Charles has various contacts we may use in many facets regarding healthcare. Some of these include political resources, media outlets, other healthcare providers, advisors, speakers, research teams, lawyers, educators and government officials. While  we leave it in your hands who is to receive any information you provide, we provide an anonymous outlet for you to do so. If anonymity is not required (which each individual determines themselves when providing information) we can provide resources to submit the information yourself to the proper place. We take your anonymity seriously, and we suggest creating a new e-mail account that is not associated with your personal information. We also suggest using a VPN service to protect your identity if you wish to remain anonymous. 

That is completely up to you. Report St. Charles does not use any information received without express permission from whom the information was received.  Report St. Charles is not affiliated with any group, business or corporation nor do we imply that we are.  While we have plenty of listeners and proper channels to report to, it is ultimately up to you. Report St. Charles does not accept donations or outside contributions of any kind and is completely self sufficient.  We do not reward whistleblowers, however some government programs may offer rewards that are not affiliated with this page.  Those who seek financial reward for criminal activities are suggested to speak to an attorney to see what options of protection are best suited for them.

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Report St. Charles is here to help healthcare workers and patients find the resources they need to bring to light wrong doing in the Central Oregon healthcare community. While the site will always be available with valuable information, we at no time imply or state that there is wrong doing at St. Charles.  We are here to provide one of many existing resources to help insure that our leading healthcare provider is held accountable for any past, present or future incidents that may have or will have an effect on healthcare for individuals in our community.  To see some of the resources that we may use, please click on the "Resources" page in the upper right hand corner. 

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